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Why I think that you should have a morning routine...

Do you have a morning routine?

I admit, my morning routine used to look like me doing housework. I'd try to catch up on laundry, maybe wash some dishes, or tidy the playroom. Then I'd jump into my work day, end my work day, make dinner, take the kids to any planned activities, bath time, maybe a little more laundry, and then hit the bed exhausted. Just to do it all again the next day!

I would say my morning routine started to change when I began walking in the morning. I initially did it for exercise, but I soon realized how much the slower pace and fresh air made me feel more calm before the start of my day. My walks got a little longer and longer, and before you know it, some mornings I was walking 3-4 miles! Looking back, I don't think it was really about getting enough exercise. Instead, my body was craving a moment to slow down. While I was physically moving body, it was simultaneously getting some rest.

I am a recovering productivity junkie. I used to measure the success of my day, maybe even my morning based on how much I got done. When it got cold outside, I stopped walking, but I didn't replace my time alone with more housework. Instead, I continued to focus on things that would still give me that calm feeling I was looking for. Like drinking a cup of tea or reading a book (even if it was just a few pages). I also added some more things that would give me a little pick me up. Like taking the time to put on make-up, taking a relaxing shower, or calling a friend.

I've since moved on to establishing an evening routine. While this may surprise you, I'm actually NOT a creature of habit, so I don't tend to do the same 5 things every morning or evening. Some may stay the same, but I mostly focus on being intentional about my ‘me time’. Like all things, it's a work in progress. Sometimes my me time looks like 10 minutes, sometimes an hour. Either way, by setting aside time to do things that bring me joy, I am giving myself permission to stop and rest how I see fit. In those moments, I push my internal ‘to-do-list’ to the side, knowing that rest is not something I earn based on what I was able to get done that day.

I have created a morning and evening routine planner for you! I know we all have different schedules, so you'll see that there are two versions. I wanted to have options for those of you whose 'mornings' may be non-existent based on your work schedule or other reasons outside of your control.

You will get my FREE routine planner here when you sign up for my e-mail list!

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