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How I start my day...

I've always been a morning person. I actually don't regularly sleep with alarm clocks, because my body wakes up at the same time daily. However, even if I were not a morning person, I think I would still be a believer in having a morning routine. My morning routine is my saving grace. When my littles were babies, it was hard to have one. After long nights of nursing, sleep training, and intermittent sleep, I chose to sleep over waking early. But now that my girls are older, I definitely choose to wake up before the house stirs.

I strongly dislike rushing, so I'll do what I can to avoid it. However, I also find that my mindset sets the tone for the day. I have to give myself some time to wake up, have quiet time, and do other things that make me prepared for the day. I joke that I am not a good auditory multi-tasker. Once the kids start with "Mom, mom, mom" my frame of mind shifts to their needs. So, my morning time really helps me get ready to handle the morning bustle.


Earlier this year, I came up with a little cheat name for my morning routine. This is not something you necessarily need to do, but it may help you get through it more efficiently. I've learned that my morning routine does not serve me well if I don't have enough time to do it.

I call my morning routine the Five Bs.

  1. Body movement - I do some sort of exercise, usually walking outdoors because I love the fresh air. I do this first, because I noticed if I don't, that I come up with reasons to skip it.

  2. Bible study - This is my moment of silence. Whether you are a believer or not, I think we all could learn to sit in silence and fill ourselves with positive thoughts for the day.

  3. Bank account check - I check our bank account almost every day. I quickly check off items in our budget and make note of any charges to follow up on. It's a habit I learned from my mom.

  4. BizzyBee - I also do a lot of work in the evening for my business, but in the morning I'll do something that may just take me a few minutes, like a quick post on IG.

  5. Birthday post - I belong to large moms group on Facebook and I've been in charge of posting the daily birthdays. I love birthdays and oddly enough, sending a birthday greeting to a fellow mama first thing in the morning brings me a little joy.


Obviously, the Five Bs are tailored to me, and what makes me feel prepared for the day. But that's what is so great about a morning routine. It's totally up to you. I usually finish my routine in time to jump in the shower before the girls wake up. They have their own routine they follow when they wake up, so by time they are dressed with teeth brushed, I am ready to completely focus on them. Of course the morning is still busy, but with my stuff out of the way, I find that I am calmer, more patient, and ready to wear my mom hat.

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