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Do you need a bin for that?


Are they really needed?

When should you buy them?

What kind should you buy?

How many will you need?

A common issue that I see when working with clients is an abundance of bins. In an effort to get organized, they have purchased multiple bins that end up not being used. I’ve also seen bins that don’t work, because they aren’t the best bin for that space. When buying bins there are actually some things you should consider. Today, I’ll share what you should think about before heading to the store. I’ll also share my favorite 5 bins and 5 ways I use bins in my own home.

Bins are best used in spaces where they will easily lay flat and be easy to pull off the shelf. Usually a bin is a fine solution as long as you’re thinking about these other factors:

· Shape – Low. High. Deep. Wide. Think about where your bin will be placed and how will you need to reach it. For example, I have bins in my laundry room that I have to pull down from a shelf that is taller than me, so I use a bin that has a handle. Make sure you also measure your space before you purchase anything. You shouldn’t need to jam or squeeze a bin into place. If you have a lot of difficulty pulling the bin in and out, you are more likely to stop using it.

· Material – Wicker, plastic, cloth. Bins are made with various materials. Think about what you are storing. If you’re storing something that can spill, use a plastic bin that would be easy to wipe. Storing books or blankets? A cloth or wicker bin would work.

· Cost – Bins can range in price. I have bins that I have purchased at the dollar store that I’ve had 5+ years, and I’ve had bins that cost a few more dollars that I’ve had just as long. I find plastic or acrylic bins have the most shelf life. I will pay a few extra dollars for a more sturdy bin if I don't only want it to last long, but also have the potential to be used in more than one way. Some of the less expensive bins will break or tear if holding heavy products, so that is something to consider. Organizing is such a trend now that you really can find affordable options at many stores.

· Okay! Now onto my favorite 5 bins.

1. Ikea Variera

2. Target Y-Weave

3. Fabric Cube Bin

4. Dollar Tree locker bin

5. Ikea wicker bin

Here are 5 ways I use bins in my home:

1. In my laundry room to hold our cleaning and laundry supplies.

2.In our freezer to categorize our foods for easy access (e.g., breakfast, meats, dinner).

3. In my car to hold the items that slide around on my front seat.

4. In the playroom to separate toys into categories like blocks, music toys, and play-dough.

5. In my closet to keep my jeans together neatly.

Tell me, do you have a space you need a bin, but you aren't sure which one to buy?

Thanks for reading friends,


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